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About Us

Welcome to Spoon n Spice! We love tasty food and want to share our favorite recipes with you. Whether you're a pro in the kitchen or just starting out, we'll help you make delicious meals

Our Team

At Spoon n Spice, we take pride in collaborating with a team of talented and experienced chefs who bring their unique expertise and passion to the table. Let us introduce you to our main exceptional chefs:

Muhammad Abdullah


Growing up in a bustling city in Pakistan, Muhammad Abdullah was surrounded by the vibrant sights and smells of the local spice markets. Fascinated by the colors, textures, and stories behind each spice, he'd spend hours talking to vendors and learning their secrets. Spoon n Spice is his way of sharing that lifelong passion, bringing the excitement of the spice market to kitchens around the world.
Spice Science Consultant

Dr. Ben


Based in Germany, Ben holds a Ph.D. in food chemistry. His passion is uncovering the health benefits and cultural history of spices, from ancient Ayurvedic uses to modern research.
Recipe Developer

Alejandro Rodriguez


With roots in Mexico, Chef Alejandro Rodriguez brings the vibrant flavors and rich culinary heritage of his culture to Spoon n Spice. His expertise in Mexican cuisine shines through his recipes, as he skillfully combines traditional ingredients and modern techniques to create dishes that are bursting with color and taste
Recipe Developer & Culinary Lead

Chef José


Hailing from a vibrant Mexican-American family in California, José brings generations of culinary tradition and modern flair. Formally trained, he's worked in bustling kitchens and developed his signature fusion style.